• Image of "Bike Marshall" Reflective Patch

Do you love bicycles? Like...really, really love bicycles and think they are the raddest way to get around town?

So do we!

Inspired from the Richmond Bike Community and the need for expanded cycling infrastructure, the "Bike Marshall" patch heeds its name from the cyclists who help organize protest marches and keep participants safe from motor traffic.

This iconic bike lane symbol is here to stay and make people aware- with its border being reflective to help bolster cyclist visibility! (In combination with lights and other safety apparel of course)

-2.5" x 2.5"
-Reflective Border
-75% Embroidery

When we sell out of this patch, we will donate a new metric wrench set to Rag & Bones. BIKES RULE!

Please consider donating to Rag and Bones here - https://ragandbonesrva.org/contact/donate/